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personal training online, personal training app and software with personal trainer support

If exercise could be made into a pill, it would be a miracle pill. Mfnfitness offers a range of exercise packages with various health and fitness outcomes that aim to improve your life; whether it be muscle gain, fat loss or a plethora of other reasons to exercise, our service will provide you with the personal trainer support that you require through our personal training mobile app and computer and tablet software in combination with qualified personal trainer at an affordable price.

What the app and software offers in detail

The use of personal training software and app, warm ups, stretches, resistance exercises, cardiovascular exercise and core fitness logged workouts and progress recording of physical measurements nutrition plans/records communication with a personal trainer. (we aim to provide communication to a PT through software to provide a response within 24 hours, excluding communication on Sundays through until Monday evening) access to exercise videos showing correct technique keeping track of results such` as body weight, body fat percentage, distanced covered and more

mfnfitness online

The App will be automatically offered for download after purchasing a package